Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morrison from Columbia to Chicago

I've largely stopped posting individual announcements about hiring, leaving it to Dan Filler to aggregate that information at Faculty Lounge.  But as a point of personal privilege, I am very happy to report that Ed Morrison, the Miller Professor of Law and Economics at Columbia Law School, and a leading scholar in bankruptcy and empirical law and economics, has accepted a senior offer from Chicago, and will join the faculty this July.  With Morrison, William Hubbard, Anup Malani, and Thomas Miles, I believe Chicago now has the best empirical law and economics group in the United States.  (And with Morrison joining Douglas Baird, Anthony Casey and Randy Picker, it's far and away the best bankruptcy law cohort anywhere.)   In addition to his scholarly work, Professor Morrison is also a terrific classroom teacher.  We are all very pleased that he's joining us.

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