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November 7, 2011

U of Illinois Law Concludes that Fraudulent Student Data Reporting...

...was due to a single individual, former admissions Dean Paul Pless, now terminated.   The final report indicates that, prior to this scandal, faculty and administrators praised Dean Pless to the sky for his work on admissions, but apparently did not detect the fraud.

Pages 34 ff. of the final report, regarding the role U.S. News played in internal deliberations at the College of Law is particularly instructive, and I suspect not at all atypical.

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November 4, 2011

What if the federal government clamped down on student loans for law school?

Some schools would probably go out of business, or would have to dramatically slash faculty salaries and expenses, as well as tuition.

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November 3, 2011

Drexel Law Professor Donald Bersoff Voted President of the APA

Donald Bersoff, my colleague at Drexel School of Law, has just been voted the president of the American Psychological Association.  He will serve during the 2013 year.  He holds a Ph.D from NYU and a JD from Yale and has published extensively in both fields.  Before joining Drexel, Bersoff was a member of the Maryland and Villanova law faculties.  Bersoff is the first law professor, and only the second JD/Ph.D, ever to hold the APA presidency.


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November 2, 2011

Michigan's Bill Miller Laments "Losing It" with Age

An excerpt from his new book, extremely funny--and some of the comments are even funnier, though not always intentionally so!

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November 1, 2011

Henderson v. Kerr on Whether There is a "Crisis" in Legal Education

Here and here.   In case the latter link does not take you directly to Orin Kerr's comment, I reprint it here:

I'm relatively skeptical of your take on this, and I wanted to run the reason by you and get your reaction.

When I have asked a few peers who are in the business of practicing law if they think we are undergoing a major change in the legal market, or if we are just experiencing the usual cyclical pains of a recession, they generally respond that they think we are seeing the latter rather than the former. So that means that you as an academic are saying one thing about what is happening in the legal market, and the group I have spoken with who are actually in the legal market generally are saying another.

My question is, have you encountered the same skepticism among practicing lawyers that I have found in my (very modest) inquiries? If not, can you say more about what you have found when you talk to everyday practicing lawyers about these issues? And if so, can you give us some idea as to why you think you are right and the practicing lawyers are wrong?

Professor Henderson's reply follows in the comment thread.

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