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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rosin on the LSAT, Bar Passage, Diversity and the ABA

For those of you who haven't been following this series, Gary Rosin has had a number of interesting, in-depth posts about the LSAT, bar passage rates, and the implications of the ABA's accreditation rules for law schools seeking to admit significant numbers of under-represented minorities.  Among other things, they complicate the recent news of ABA's de-accreditation of the University of LaVerne School of Law.  They're worth a look.

The LSAT-Free Illusion
Interpretation 301-6: Low LSATs and High “Cut Scores”
"Down Market" Diversity and Bar Passage
Historically Black Law Schools and the ABA
Estimating 301-6 Risk: First Cut 
ABA, the DoE and 301-6
Sander v. State Bar of California
ABA Pulls LaVerne's Accreditation
More on LaVerne
A Tale of Two Law Schools: Introduction
A Tale of Two Law Schools: Cut Scores and Bar Passage Rates

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