Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Law, Volume 1...

...is now out, clocking in at 298 pages.   (UK Amazon lists it as 'in stock,' and presumably the US will shortly.)  OUP has done a very nice production job, and Les Green and I were extremely pleased with the contributions for the first volume.  There are four papers on issues in general jurisprudence (by David Enoch of the Hebrew University, Mark Greenberg of UCLA, Kevin Toh of San Francisco State, and Riccardo Guastini of the University of Genoa); an essay on constitutional theory by John Gardner at Oxford; and three papers on various philosophical (and sometimes empirical issues) surrounding criminal law and procedure, by Larry Laudan from UNAM, Marcia Baron of Indiana, and Thomas Nadelhoffer of Dickinson.

The full contents of volume 1:

1. Reason-Giving and the Law , David Enoch

2. The Standard Picture and Its Discontents , Mark Greenberg

3. Legal Judgments as Plural Acceptance of Norms , Kevin Toh

4. Rule-Scepticism Restated , Riccardo Guastini

5. Can There be a Written Constitution? , John Gardner

6. The Rules of Trial, Political Morality and the Costs of Error: Or, Is Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Doing More Harm than Good? , Larry Laudan

7. Self-Defense: The Imminence Requirement , Marcia Baron

8. Criminal Law, Philosophy, and Psychology: Working At the Cross-roads , Thomas Nadelhoffer


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