Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Updated Lateral Faculty Moves

I have updated my list of 2011 law school faculty moves here.  Please let me know ASAP if there are any changes - I feel a powerful need to put this year's list to bed.  Meanwhile, Sarah Lawsky has finalized this year's entry level hiring report here.

ADDENDUM FROM LEITER:  As Professor Lawsky notes, the entry-level hiring report is more a "snapshot" than a complete picture, since it undercounts very substantially (and it also overcounts a bit, since it includes some hires from last year in this year's count).  I don't think this affects the utility of some of the data, however, such as the distribution of graduate degrees, VAPs, and Fellowships, since I don't suppose there is a reason to think those are systematically undercounted in a skewed way.  (I was going to post on this separately, but Dan beat me to the punch, so I figured I'd just add my comment here.)

SOME MORE ENTRY-LEVEL DATA (LEITER):   Using Professor Lawsky's data (with two corrections:  adding one Yale grad who got a job at Michigan, and subtracting one Harvard grad who was hired in 2009-10 at Chicago, not this year) here's where those who got jobs at "top 35" law schools (see this earlier study of mine) earned their U.S. law degree:  Yale (9); Harvard (8); Chicago (4); NYU (4); Duke (2); and one each from Penn, Stanford, Northwestern, UC Hastings, Michigan, Southern California, Berkeley, Connecticut, and Wisconsin.   Taking into account class size, Yale grads had more than twice the success rate of Harvard and Chicago grads who were tied; and NYU and Duke had about half the success rate of Harvard and Chicago grads.



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