Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why does "Faculty Lounge" list more faculty moves than have appeared here?

Their list is here.  Two main reasons:  (1) I have only posted news about senior hires of academic faculty with tenure, whereas the FL list casts the net much more widely; and (2) I can only post what I hear about from either the hiring school or the candidate.  Given the FL list, I think we're going to post somewhat less here about faculty moves going forward, except perhaps when it's particularly notable (such as McChesney going from Northwestern to Miami).

ADDENDUM:  FL has also posted a meaningless item on the rookie market, based on woefully incomplete information.   We've had four Chicago grads on the teaching market this year who have or had tenure-track offers from Chicago, Cornell, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Emory, Washington & Lee, and Montana, among other places, but apparently none of them have reported!  (Three others have Fellowship or VAP offers as well, though that doesn't appear to be part of the data being collected.)

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