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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

They weren't good enough for the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

The AAAS has now put on-line a list of all its members since its founding, searchable by subject.  The omissions in the "Law" category are just breathtaking--they include such giants of law and legal scholarship in the 20th-century as Karl Llewellyn, Leon Green, Jerome Frank, Milton Handler, William O. Douglas, W. Page Keeton, John Henry Wigmore, and William Prosser.  (Antipathy towards legal realists seems to be playing a role here, though doesn't explain all the omissions.)  This is probably a worse track record of misses than even the Nobel Prize in Literature's!

ADDENDUM:  Larry Garvin (Ohio State) identifies some other surprising omissions:  Robert Jackson, Louis Brandeis, Arthur Corbin, Allan Farnsworth, Thurman Arnold, Max Radin, Charles Warren.

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