Friday, November 5, 2010

The Political Diversity of the Readership

So with over 400 votes cast, here's the breakdown of political self-identifications of the readership:

Marxian left   3% (13)
Social democratic left   21% (89)
Libertarian left   8% (32)
American liberal democrat   22% (93)
American moderate democrat   21% (88)
Republican   4% (16)
Burkean conservative   6% (27)
Social or religious conservative   2% (10)
Libertarian right   10% (41)
Fascist/Authoritarian Right   3% (11)

Readers may be interested in how much more the law readership leans to the right compared to the readership of the philosophy blog.  (I also have some comments there about the different categories, though in that poll I did not distinguish between left and right libertarians.  I do wonder about the 3% fascist/authoritarian, though it's possible some of my old friends at USD voted more than once!)  Assuming most of the responses are from legal academics, this also confirms how much to the right American legal academia leans when viewed from a cosmopolitan perspective:   "American moderate democrats" would, after all, be in the conservative party in Canada, and in general hold views that would put them on the right end of the political spectrum in other developed democracies.  That means nearly half the respondents are, non-parochially speaking, on the right, and not quite a third are on what would generally be recognized as the actual left. 

Anyway, interesting results.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

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