Thursday, October 7, 2010

In fairness to Fordham

So in light of my embarrassing error of omission--leaving Fordham off our recent survey of the top 40 law faculties--I thought we might gauge reader opinion with a different poll.

[The poll is now closed.]

UPDATE:  So without about 200 responses, here's what it looks like:

Where should Fordham Law School be ranked among the best law schools in the United States
In the top 10   2% (3)
In the top 15   5% (9)
In the top 20   5% (9)
In the top 25   19% (37)
In the top 30   22% (43)
In the top 35   13% (26)
In the top 40   19% (37)
Outside the top 40   18% (35)

So putting aside the minority (18%) who are obviously mistaken (those votes could easily be explained by faculty from schools near the bottom of the current top 40 in the existing poll worried about being displaced), 82% of respondents put Fordham in the top 40, more than two-thirds put Fordham in the top 35, and more than 50% put Fordham in the top 30.  The truth is now known!

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