Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hate US News Methodology? Try Forbes!

Forbes and US News both recently released rankings of American colleges and universities. The US News college and university ranking methodology is here. It is obviously a bit different than the magazine's approach to law school rankings.  Here's the data Forbes used to create its rankings, in order of weight: 

Student Evaluations from (17.5%)

Salary of Alumni from (15%) 

Four-year Debt Load for Typical Student Borrower (12.5%)

Listings of Alumni in Who's Who in America (10%)

Actual Four-year Graduation Rate (8.75%) 

Predicted vs. Actual Four-year Graduation Rate (8.75%)

Student Nationally Competitive Awards (7.5%)

Freshman-to-Sophomore Retention Rates (5%)

Student Evaluations from (5%) 

Alumni in Forbes/CCAP Corporate Officers List (5%) 

Student Loan Default Rates (5%) 

In the interest of full disclosure, the undergraduate program at Drexel got flayed using this approach.  US News was much more accurate kinder.

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