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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Richard Epstein is Not Joining the NYU Law Faculty Full-Time... matter how many times NYU keeps trying to mislead folks on that front (since this has come up with prospective students more than once, let me try to set the record straight).  Richard has been a visiting professor at NYU part-time for a number of years while on a phased "retirement"plan here (Richard is not the 'retiring' kind!). When that concludes, he will become a 'professor' at NYU starting this fall, spending about half the year at NYU, and then teaching in the Spring Quarter here at Chicago, as a 'Senior Lecturer.'  End of story.  NYU is fortunate to continue to get half his time; we are fortunate to continue to have him as a a member of the teaching faculty here.  Students at both schools will no doubt benefit greatly.

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