Thursday, May 20, 2010

Louisiana Law School Clinic Restrictions Shelved In Committee

I've previously blogged about new proposals to signficantly limit the practice of student law clinics in Louisiana.  The chemical and oil industries had pushed legislators to prohibit law school clinics from suing government agencies, seeking damages from private individuals and entities, and raising constitutional claims at all.  Yesterday, a Senate committee considering the legislation decided to shelve it - in all likelihood killing it for this legislative session at least. 

Industry advocates are at least candid about their motives.  According to Business Week:

Dan Borne, president of the Louisiana Chemical Association, said his organization asked Adley to sponsor the bill after its members were angered by a clinic lawsuit that would require polluters around Baton Rouge to pay millions in fines for noncompliance with ozone standards.  

H/T: Legal Ethics Forum

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