Thursday, March 4, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Met a Lawyer or Judge Who Had Received (Let Alone Filled Out) a U.S. News Reputational Survey?

I was talking the other day to an experienced law school Dean, who has been asking lawyers and judges this question--have you ever received a U.S. News survey?--for a number of years, and all over the country, and s/he has yet to meet anyone who had actually received such a survey.  We know the response rate to this survey is low--always less than 30%--and, indeed, it is so low that to avoid wild fluctuations in results, U.S. News is now averaging scores for two years in this category.  So question:  has anyone ever met an attorney or jurist who has actually filled out one of these surveys?  Comments open; you must include a real e-mail address (it won't appear), even if you don't want to sign your full name.

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I, too, have never met an attorney or judge who has ever admitted to filling out one of the surveys. Like you, I believe U.S. News to be so flawed and misleading, it's scandalous, given its influence on admissions and school "reputations." What's needed, in my view, is a competing comprehensive set of rankings published by another major and better respected news-magazine. Even if an amalgam of rankings measures is flawed in your view, only a comprehensive and seemingly authoritative competing set of rankings (though one based on better indicia) would reduce the influence of U.S. News.

Posted by: Jared | Mar 5, 2010 7:17:07 AM

yes I have, and he told me he had no idea why it was sent to him or why it would be important to participate, so he threw it out.

Posted by: david | Mar 7, 2010 8:37:49 AM

I've been practicing since 2006 and have never received a survey. Many of my friends are attorneys: not one has received the survey.

Posted by: Anthony | Mar 13, 2010 5:47:12 PM

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