Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Attention Schools Doing Rookie Hiring This Year!


If you're doing hiring this year, the Placement Committee at the University of Chicago Law School--myselfDouglas Baird, and Lisa Bernstein--is ready to provide you with information about our alumni candidates, as well as our four Bigelows (Adam Badawi, Mary Anne Franks, Adam Muchmore, and Arden Rowell, who is also a Chicago grad).   For the Bigelows, it makes most sense to touch base with Professor Baird, who has worked closely with all of them.  On the Chicago alums, you may contact any of us (Profesors Baird and Bernstein are references for some of our alums), though please also feel free to start with me, as I am Chair of this year's Committee.   Where appropriate, I can direct you to other Committee members and colleagues for more information on the candidates.

We have Chicago grads on the teaching market this year in a rich array of areas--constitutional law, law and religion, intellectual property, criminal law (substantive and procedure), legislation, civil procedure, contracts, commercial law, corporate, education law, immigration, administrative and environmental law, energy law, and torts, among other fields.  We will try to offer candid and informative guidance about the strengths of these candidates.  

In addition, there are four very good Texas candidates with whom I've worked (in some cases very closely) and for whom I am happy to provide references:  Ian Farrell (criminal law & procedure, jurisprudence) and Garrick Pursley (civil procedure, public law generally, federal courts), both of whom are also VAPs at UT currently (Garrick is the first UT grad ever hired as a VAP at Texas; Ian did his graduate work in philosophy at UT, and his law degrees at Harvard and in Australia--he has an important paper on the "methodology" problem in jurisprudence in Texas Law Review, among other writings); Bradley Areheart (employment discrimination, intellectual property, torts), who has several publications available for review; and Miriam Rodgers (jurisprudence, torts, property), who is now finishing a DPhil at Oxford.  (I also have some familiarity with some of the other candidates on the market interested in jurisprudence, though not as much as their main recommenders, and would be happy to talk with schools with a significant interest in that area.)

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