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Monday, July 13, 2009

Li-ann Thio, Anti-Gay Visiting Professor from Singapore, Responds to NYU Critics

Scroll down here for her lengthy response.  Her English is of startling poor quality, which raises another question about how in the world she was invited to be a visiting professor.  The 'substance' of her response to being challenged on her anti-gay bigotry is also slightly over-the-top.  Very strange.

UPDATE:  A reader points out what may be a first in the history of the "Above the Law" blog:  a worthwhile (and funny) comment!  It's on the thread linked above (which is otherwise full of a lot of nasty abuse in the comments):

She is lucky she is at NYU instead of Chicago because the whole "stop bullying me" thing would have been laughed off by pretty much every single damn person in the building. A person basically slamming your opinion on logic and reason is not an ad hominen attack. If you can't defend yourself without playing the stop bullying me card, then you might want to revisit the strength of your own convictions. Just sayin'

If she can't handle people getting in her rankles, she surely picked the most passive, "nice" law school to try to pull that off. Good luck with that.

Her posture of being the 'victim' here is, indeed, part of the strangeness of the display.

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