Thursday, June 11, 2009

Even if the US News Ranking Formula Makes No Sense,

a news magazine, with investigative reporters on its staff, ought to do some fact-checking!

UPDATE:  Salil Mehra writes:

I realize that you probably meant your post today to convey some degree of hyperbole.  But I wanted to point out that, as important as USNews unfortunately is in the law school world, there has been little or no commentary in the law school world on the fact that since they are no longer a newsweekly like Time or Newsweek, or even a news biweekly, but have shifted to be a monthly "lifestyle and rankings" publication, they may not actually have many real reporters left.  They should've taken some sort of credibility hit.  After all, BusinessWeek ranks business schools, but also covers the business world in depth every week!

This is news to me, and clearly is relevant to evaluating the rankings the magazine produces.  It would also explain howlers like the one discussed in the IHE piece linked above.

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