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Monday, June 29, 2009

DePaul Deanship Fiasco Update--More on Provost Epp's Heavy-Handed Tactics

(Start here for earlier coverage.)  Trouble between former DePaul Law Dean Weissenberger and DePaul Provost Epp goes back to at least January of this year, when Provost Epp gave Weissenberger 24 hours to rescind several offers to faculty, senior and junior, even though the offers had been made in accordance with university procedures.   Weissenberger declined, the offers were accepted, and Epp, having obviously overreached, did not pursue the matter further.  But now, of course, he has had his vengeance.

Based on current anecdotal reports, I expect at least 10% of DePaul's law faculty to be gone by the end of the academic year 2009-10; the number may well be higher, though the difficult economic situation means that many schools that would be keen to hire faculty at DePaul may not have the money to do so. 

UPDATE:  Blog Emperor Caron has more details.

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