Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So who should President Obama Pick to Replace Justice Souter?

With nearly 470 votes from readers of this blog, the results are in:

1. Elena Kagan  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Sonia Sotomayor  loses to Elena Kagan by 187–143
3. Diane Wood  loses to Elena Kagan by 189–159, loses to Sonia Sotomayor by 170–161
4. Kathleen Sullivan  loses to Elena Kagan by 224–104, loses to Diane Wood by 204–123
5. Pamela Karlan  loses to Elena Kagan by 220–98, loses to Kathleen Sullivan by 140–131
6. Harold Koh  loses to Elena Kagan by 238–91, loses to Pamela Karlan by 147–132
7. Cass Sunstein  loses to Elena Kagan by 253–77, loses to Harold Koh by 164–136
8. Jennifer Granholm  loses to Elena Kagan by 267–48, loses to Cass Sunstein by 161–109
9. Leah Ward Sears  loses to Elena Kagan by 253–57, loses to Jennifer Granholm by 105–98
10. Neal Katyal  loses to Elena Kagan by 262–44, loses to Leah Ward Sears by 99–98

I was surprised that readers didn't gravitate to some of the less conventional, but more interesting, choices offered, like Catharine MacKinnon or Marty Lederman.  Make of it what you will.


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