Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why I'm Cutting Back on Covering Faculty Moves

Time is the main reason, but there is a particular reason I'm cutting back here (rather than stopping the blog altogether, which, frankly, I may also do).  Unlike in philosophy, where individual faculty moves can be of extreme importance to prospecive students, that is rarely the case in law:  the value of information about any particular faculty move to prospective students is usually quite limited.  (Indeed, news of moves may send misleading signals to prospective students--I have some anecdtoal evidence that some students think that when John Jones moves from Highly Ranked School X to Somewhat Lower Ranked School Y, this must be a "big" appointment for Y, which sometimes it is, while sometimes Y has relived X of its tenure mistake or its de facto retired faculty member and the like.)  Trends over a period of time may be of some interest, and I may still write about those.  But the ranking site will also give useful, and updated, information about changes in faculty caliber.  Dan Filler (Drexel) has also taken up the task of collecting information on all lateral moves, both tenured and untenured.  Among the new ones on there that caught my attention are Dan Crane (antitrust) from Cardozo to Michigan, Barton Beebe (intellectual property) from Cardozo to NYU, and Stephen F. Smith (criminal law and procedure) from Virginia to Notre Dame.  

Obviously information on faculty moves is of interest to other faculty; I would urge faculty to notify Professor Filler of such moves, and please feel free to let me know as well.  I may still write about some hires, and will periodically link to Professor Filler's list.  Thanks.

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