Friday, January 16, 2009

Help Filler Fill the List of Lateral Moves for 2009!

Here.  Four of the five he lists so far were posted about here.  A couple of obvious omissions are Larry Lessig, who is moving from Stanford back to Harvard, and John Witt who is moving from Columbia to Yale.

UPDATE:  Professor Filler has updated his listing since the original posting, but appears to have fallen for the NYU spin on Richard Epstein, whose actual situation was discussed here.  Let me put this as clearly as possible:   Richard Epstein is not leaving the University of Chicago.  He has been teaching in the fall at NYU for several years as part of a phased retirement program from Chicago, and teaching in the Spring (sometimes Winter and Spring) at Chicago.  That is continuing, not ending.  He will be teaching part of the year at Chicago and part of the year at NYU going forward for as far as the eye can see.  Here is the Chicago press release, complete with quotes from Richard.

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