Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Official Leiter's Law School Reports Presidential Poll

Please vote often!

Who would you REALLY like to see elected President of the U.S.?
John McCain
Barack Obama
Elena Kagan
Bob Morse of U.S. News
David Lat of Above the Law
Blog Emperor Caron
Richard Posner
Anyone of the Lovable Right-Wing Kooks at "The Right Coast" Blog
Catharine MacKinnon
Sarah Palin
Stephen Colbert
Erwin Chemerinsky
Duncan Kennedy
Ann Althouse (but only if she stops blogging)
Ann Althouse (but only if she continues blogging)
Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate
Gary Becker, Nobel Laureate
J.M. Coetzee, Nobel Laureate
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BREAKING NEWS--EARLY VOTING RESULTS 10 A.M. EST:  It's shaping up to be a big day for Senator Obama, who even in a crowded field, leads with 28% of the vote.  More remarkable, though, is that Judge Posner--despite being outspent by the Illinois Senator by a margin of roughly 600,000,000 to 1--is in second place with 14% of the vote, with Stephen Colbert not far behind at 12%.   In what is an ominous sign for the Republican nominee, Senator McCain has only 2% of the vote, trailing not only Dean Elena Kagan of Harvard Law School (8%), Duncan Kennedy (6%), and David Lat (6%), but also trailling his own running mate, Governor Palin (3%).

OFFICIAL 2 PM EST UPDATE:  The race for the Presidency of the United States among readers of Leiter's Law School Reports has taken on a clear shape, with more than 250 votes cast:  The top five contenders are:

1.  Barack Obama (32%)

2.  Richard Posner (12%)

3.  Stephen Colbert (11%)

4.  Elena Kagan (8%)

5.  Gary Becker (6%)

5.  Paul Krugman (6%)

David Lat, after an early surge, now traiils at 4%, tied with the Senator from Arizona.  Pressing for a place in the top five is UC Irvine Founding Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky with 5%.  Catharine MacKinnon and Sarah Palin are tied with 2% each.  For reasons that will no doubt be scrutinized by political scientists for years to come, Blog Emperor Caron has yet to receive any votes for President of the United States.   Of course, it's still early, and there may be big surprises in store if, for example, David Lat or Ann Althouse links to this post!

2.45 PM EST UPDATE:  A surge by Caron, as the Blog Emperor sends his minions to vote!


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