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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hall of Shame: Schools Publicizing Their Meaningless US News Ranking

Blog Emperor Caron collects a list of the offenders.  Amazing.  Someone else will no doubt figure out how many of these Deans, or their predecessors, signed the letter urging students to ignore the U.S. News rankings.  While I have some slight sympathy with lesser-known schools trying to publicize an unusually good result on the U.S. News "roulette" wheel (even though it is quite likely to come back to haunt them in another year), it's a bit harder to understand what schools like Vanderbilt think they are doing.  (Note that some of the press releases Caron links to are products of university-wide public affairs offices, which, if they are anything like UT's, have no idea what they are doing.  But many of these, including Vanderbilt's, are news releases from the Law School itself!)

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