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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Law Dragon Magazine Names 9 Law Profs Among the Nation's "500 Leading Lawyers"

Complete lists here, including a description of what may be loosely described as the "methodology."  Those recognized this year:  Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard), Jack Goldsmith (Harvard), Neal Katyal (Georgetown), Kenneth Klee (UCLA), Harold Koh (Yale), Mark Lemley (Stanford), Geoffrey Stone (Chicago), Jonathan Turley (George Washington), and Elizabeth Warren (Harvard).   Judge Richard Posner, who still teaches part-time at Chicago, also made the list, unsurprisingly.  Among the profs, civil liberties and "war on terror" issues seem to be a theme in the choices.

UPDATE:  I missed Klee the first time around, because he was listed with his law firm, not with UCLA, where he is also a professor.  By contrast, Law Dragon Magazine lists Michael Ratner with Columbia University, where he is an adjunct professor, not a full-time member of the faculty.  His primary association is in practice, with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

ANOTHER:  A Dean at Columbia writes:  "Michael Ratner has taught here in the past as a lecturer in law [not adjunct professor], but not since spring 2003."

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