Thursday, November 15, 2007

Most Cited Law Faculty by Specialty for the Period 2000-2007

Based on the July 2007 study of scholarly impact, we've compiled a new listing of the most cited legal scholars by specialty.  18 different fields are covered, from "Business Law" to "Evidence" to "Legal History" to "Wills, Trusts, & Estates."  If you spot what appear to be surprising omissions of scholars in some specialty, please let me know, and we may post a revised version in a couple of weeks.  (Please remember that the citation totals are from early July of this year!)

ADDENDUM:  Joe Hodnicki (Cincinnati) runs some additional analysis of the results.

UPDATE:  Thanks to all who have supplied feedback.  There will be a dozen or so corrections/additions by early next week--mostly to the "runner-up" categories, though probably not exclusively (e.g., several folks have pointed out the surprising absence of Lucian Bebchuk [Harvard] and Roberta Romano [Yale] from the Business Law list--I am also surprised, and as soon as I am back in the office, will check the underlying data to see what's going on).

ONE MORE:  Bebchuk and Romano were, indeed, wrongly omitted from the top 20 (indeed, the top 10) in Business Law--a transcription error, alas.  Happily, we haven't found any other transcription error as significant as this one.  Most of the likely additions next week will be to the runner-up categories, though Susan Bandes (DePaul) will make the top 20 in Criminal Law & Procedure, J. Thomas McCarthy (San Francisco) the top 10 in Intellectual Property, Jordan Paust (Houston) in International Law, and Karl Klare (Northeastern) in Labor & Employment Law.

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