Thursday, September 20, 2007

Most Cited Scholars in Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw since 2000

Earlier this month, I posted the 2007 scholarly impact study of the top 35 law faculties.  Using the same data, I'll post next month lists of most-cited scholars in various fields, as I did a nmber of years ago.  Here's another preview:  the "top ten" most cited list for Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw (broadly construed); after each name is the institutional affiliation, then the number of citations since 2000, and the scholar's age in 2007:

1.  Mark Lemley (Stanford University):  2110 citations, age 41.

2.  Robert Merges (University of California, Berkeley):  1280 citations, age 48.

3.  Pamela Samuelson (University of California, Berkeley):  970 citations, age 59.

4.  Jessica Litman (University of Michigan):  870 citations, age 54.

5.  Dan Burk (University of Minnesota):  840 citations, age 45.

5.  Jane Ginsburg (Columbia University):  840 citations, age 52.

7.  Rochelle Dreyfuss (New York University):  790 citations, age 60.

8.  Paul Goldstein (Stanford University):  790 citations, age 64.

9.  Julie Cohen (Georgetown University):  740 citations, age 43.

10. Yochai Benkler (Harvard University):  730 citations, age 43.

Runners-up for the top ten:  Rebecca Eisenberg (University of Michigan), 690 citations; Neil Netanel (University of California, Los Angeles), 640 citations; Wendy Gordon (Boston University), 610 citations. 

Scholars with high citation counts across different fields, including IP/Cyberlaw:  Lawrence Lessig (Stanford University), 2500 citations; William Landes (University of Chicago), 1550 citations; Margaret Jane Radin (University of Michigan), 1210 citations.

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