Friday, July 13, 2007

Updated and Corrected Faculty Lists for 2007 Citation Study

The new (and I hope penultimate) list is here:  Download law_faculty_lists_0708.rtf.  Wake Forest has been added to the study, based on data the school supplied.  Note that the definition of part-time faculty has been altered to deal with some difficulties that arose with the earlier categorization:  part-time faculty now means non-tenure-stream academic faculty (e.g., judges, practitioners, regular visitors, usually from abroad) who do some teaching and produce scholarly work.  Tenure-stream faculty, even if in residence for only part of the year, are simply listed in the regular faculty list.  Part-time and affiliated faculty will not be included in the citation study.  There was significant division of opinion about how to handle clinical faculty.  Where Deans or Associate  Deans asked that their tenure-stream clinical faculty be included, on the grounds that scholarship is an important part of their job, I have included them; otherwise, they have been left off.  Deans or Associate Deans may e-mail me with further corrections on this score.  All other corrections or additions should also be e-mailed to me at this stage.  Please give some explanation for the correction:  e.g., X is retired, or X will be joining our faculty in January, or X is not a tenure-stream faculty member, and so on.

As noted, we shall utilize the same search methodology as in the July 2005 study.  The two differences will be that (1) we shall search every non-emeritus tenure-stream member of the academic faculty, in order to secure the per capita rate of citation; and (2) the searches will be confined to literature in the databases that has appeared from 2000 to the present.  (We will also need to employ a discount factor, since the data collection will take several days, during which time the database may increase in size.  We will use the citation total for Cass Sunstein as the measure of how much the database increases during the period when the data is being collected, since he is the most frequently cited legal scholar in the U.S.)  I am still investigating whether JSTOR is a viable supplemental database.

I would be pleased if schools want to submit the results of self-studies as a check on our process.  The data will probably be collected in August.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance, advice, and feedback.

ADDENDUM:  We are rounding results to the nearest ten to avoid misleading precision and to simplify calculations.

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