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Finalizing Faculty Lists for Ranking Studies for 07-08


Over the summer, I plan to carry out a new citation study, and in the fall, we may (finally) undertake a new on-line reputational survey.  To that end, we've compiled draft lists of faculty for 49 law schools that appear likely to rank in the top 35-40 by these different measures.  We may add a few more faculties to the mix, especially for purposes of a reputational survey.  The faculty lists include only academic faculty (an effort has been made to exclude clinical, adjunct, and legal writing faculty, since these studies will focus on scholarly output).  The ranking study will be per capita across the whole faculty, since many have worried that by looking only at the top quarter of the faculty in the past produced distorted results because of one or two very highly cited faculty at certain schools (e.g., Chemerinsky at Duke, or Delgado at Pittsburgh).  The draft faculty list is here:  Download law_faculty_lists_0708.rtfPlease read the introductory paragraph explaining the criteria for inclusion in the list.  I invite faculty members at the schools in question to post corrections in the comments section below.  You must post under your name with a verifiable e-mail address and, again, post only about your own school.  Corrections would include things like faculty who are retiring or leaving, and so won't be teaching in 2007-08; new hires for 2007-08 not already included on the lists; the mistaken inclusion of clinical or adjunct faculty or the mistaken omission of regular academic faculty; and so on.  Please post only once, and be patient, as comments may take awhile to appear.  Thank you for your assistance.

Note:  the 49 faculties listed are:  Arizona, Arizona State, Berkeley, Boston Coll, Brooklyn, BU, Cardozo, Chicago, Chicago-Kent, Colorado, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Emory, Florida, Florida State, Fordham, George Mason, Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Northwestern, Notre Dame, NYU, Ohio State, Penn, Pittsburgh, Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark, San Diego, Southern Cal, Stanford, Texas, UC Davis, UC Hastings, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Washington & Lee, Wash U/St. Louis, William & Mary, Wisconsin, Yale.

UPDATE:  Do NOT e-mail me the corrections, post them in the comments please!  This way it will be a matter of public record what the corrections are, and I won't get multiple e-mails on the same point.  All changes, if they are to be incorporated, need to be posted here.  Thank you all very much for your help.

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Larry Simon will be moving to 1/2 time status in 07-08 in anticipation of retiring.

Albert Brecht is Associate Dean for Information Technology and head of our law library. Perhaps he is not appropriate for inclusion in this list.

Posted by: Scott Altman | Jun 4, 2007 10:34:37 AM

Re: UNC (yet again)

Sorry for these piecemeal updates. It now occurs to me that Anne Klinefelter, the new director of our law library, should be on the list, as she is also on the tenure track under the same tenure standard as applies to all other tenure-track faculty members.

Posted by: Eric Muller | Jun 4, 2007 10:50:32 AM

Some corrections from George Washington University Law School:

Phyllis Goldfarb will join us from Boston College;
It's David FONTANA (not David Fontanai);
Shi-Ling Hsu is no longer with us; he's at UBC; and
Dalia Tsuk is now Dalia Tsuk Mitchell.

Posted by: Steve Schooner | Jun 4, 2007 1:21:58 PM

Corrections for William & Mary:

1) James E. Moliterno is missing from the full-time faculty list; please also add Angela M. Banks (who joined us this spring) and Vivian E. Hamilton (who will join us in the fall from West Virginia).

2) Tim Sullivan is now emeritus, and Dick Williamson has retired.

3) Nate Oman's first name is Nathan, not Nathaniel.

4) Mitchell Reiss is currently serving as Vice Provost for International Affairs.

Many thanks.

Posted by: Laura A. Heymann | Jun 4, 2007 1:27:51 PM

Regarding Wisconsin:
1. New hires for 2007-08 who were excluded: Alexandra Huneeus; Mitra Shirafi
2. Mistaken omission of faculty (who are teaching during 2007-08): Gerald Thain; David Trubek; Frank Tuerkheimer
3. Part-time faculty: Victoria Nourse (holds appointments at UW and Emory; she will be teaching at UW during the fall 2007 semester; note she should also be listed as part-time at Emory). Boa Santos should be moved from the category of affiliated to part-time faculty. He is a regular on-going visitor to UW from abroad.
4. Faculty listed as full-time who should be listed as affiliated: Donald Downs; Mark Suchman (note that he is listed in both areas, but should only be in the affiliated category); Andrew Weiner
5. Misspellings: Professor Ossorio's first name is Pilar, not Piloar.

Posted by: Kathryn Hendley | Jun 4, 2007 3:07:22 PM

Emeritus faculty are excluded from the faculty lists. Is Nourse going to be part-time at Wisconsin and Emory on an on-going basis, or is that just for this coming year, at which point she is going to Emory?


Posted by: Brian Leiter | Jun 4, 2007 3:46:48 PM

at USC, Shmuel is Leshem, not Lessem. My bad.

Posted by: Mark Weinstein | Jun 4, 2007 3:49:36 PM

For Pittsburgh:

Darryll Jones has left Pittsburgh in favor of Stetson.

George Pike and Jean Stefancic are neither tenured nor in the tenure-stream.

Mark Nordenberg is technically a tenured member of the law faculty but has not taught at the law school or published academic work in more than a decade; he is the former Dean of the school and since 1995 has served as the Chancellor of the University.

Michael Madison
Associate Dean for Research
University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Posted by: Michael Madison | Jun 4, 2007 4:39:53 PM

I posted the names of the tenure and tenure track clinical faculty earlier today and now have additional corrections to the listing for the University of North Carolina.

Please add:
Carol N. Brown (yes, we do have both a Caroline and a Carol Brown)
Melissa B. Jacoby
Anne Klinefelter

Please delete:
Paul Hardin
Kevin Haynes

Please correct the spelling from my earlier posting to:
Thomas A. Kelley III


Posted by: Laura N. Gasaway | Jun 4, 2007 7:50:17 PM

Re-reading the post (which refers to "academic faculty," I should clarify that Jean Stefancic's appointment at Pittsburgh is an academic one; she is Research Professor and Derrick Bell Scholar.

Michael Madison

Posted by: Michael Madison | Jun 4, 2007 7:53:38 PM

Two more items have been mentioned to me by some colleagues for Florida State University:

First, to echo Kim Ferzan's comment, Faye Jones is FSU's law librarian.

Second, if you intend to provide a comprehensive listing of "affiliated" faculty for other departments, FSU has a number of additional entries. In addition to the courtesy faculty I mentioned in my earlier comment (Bruce Benson in Economics and John Scholz in Political Science), we have "courtesy appointment" affiliations with Gary Kleck in criminology, Terence Coonan in criminology, R. Mark Isaac in Economics and Sally Hadden in History. All of these except for Kleck are currently listed on FSU's web site and Kleck should be added soon.

Posted by: Jim Rossi | Jun 5, 2007 6:08:58 AM

Please add William P. Marshall to the UNC list of faculty. Bill will be on leave next year serving as Solicitor General of Ohio, but he remains on our faculty and will return to us.


Posted by: Laura N. Gasaway | Jun 5, 2007 6:57:59 AM

A few corrections for Ohio State:

1. Add Gregory Travalio and Annecoos Wiersema.

2. Delete Douglas Cole and Barbara Snyder.

3. Shift Gregory Caldeira to affiliated faculty, as his primary appointment is in political science. Also, please correct the spelling of his last name (not Caldiera).

Posted by: Larry Garvin | Jun 5, 2007 7:21:48 AM

For Michigan:

Jim Hines' name is misspelled.


Posted by: Scott | Jun 5, 2007 7:39:14 AM

About the Emory list. (1) Robin Mills Schreiber, the director of our library, has retired, effective this summer. (2) Liza Vertinsky (JD, Harvard; PhD, Harvard [Economics])is a recent, entry-level hire and should be added to the list.

Posted by: Michael Perry | Jun 5, 2007 8:06:18 AM

For Indiana-Bloomington, please add Kevin Collins and Luis Fuentes-Rohwer. Please delete Roger Dworkin (retired), Len Fromm (full-time dean of students), Perry Hodges (retired).

Posted by: John Applegate | Jun 5, 2007 1:06:16 PM

For Arizona:

Add: Kenney F. Hegland

Delete: Michael K. Block, Gary D. Libecap, Bruce Sales

Dean L. "Lueck" (not "Luecle") has a primary appointment in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics

Posted by: Darian Ibrahim | Jun 5, 2007 1:07:09 PM

Geoff Hazard is definitely full-time, tenured faculty at Hastings; he taught 5 courses in 2006-07, including a full-year civil procedure course.

Posted by: Nell Newton | Jun 5, 2007 5:04:02 PM

Re. Cardozo:

Without wading into the normative questions, I note that Lela Love, who is missing from your list, like Barry Scheck (who is on the list), teaches primarily in a clinic, but is a member of the tenured faculty and not denominated "clinical professor." (Professor Love recently switched from "Clinical Professor of Law" to "Professor of Law," with tenure.)

William Schwartz is a University Professor; strictly speaking his appointment is not in the law school, although that is where he does all his teaching.

Lynn Wishart is the librarian and does not hold a tenured or tenure-track position.

One more lateral addition expected but not yet official; I will post when it is.

Misspellings: Rick Bierschbach, Max Minzner, Eric Pan, Julie Chi-hye Suk.

Posted by: Michael Herz | Jun 5, 2007 8:29:37 PM

Here are a couple corrections for University of San Diego:
1) Lesley McAllister and Orly Lobel joined the full-time faculty in August 2005.
2) Laura Adams retired in June 2006.

Posted by: Lesley McAllister | Jun 5, 2007 10:42:02 PM

Here are corrections to your listing for Duke Law School:

Both Paul D. Carrington and William A. Reppy, Jr. should be added to the list of Faculty. The only sense in which they are “emeritus” is that they gave up their chairs. Both teach (at least) a half-time load and are regular, voting members of the faculty, not emeritus faculty members.

Francis McGovern is half-time. Like Carrington and Reppy, he is a regular, voting member of the faculty.

Doriane L. Coleman should also be added to Faculty, since she is on the tenure track (and, in fact, was just awarded tenure).

Joel L. Fleishman has a joint appointment with the public policy school and, perhaps more importantly for your purposes, does not teach in the law school.

Neither James E. Coleman, Jr. nor Richard A. Danner should be listed in Faculty, since they are not tenured or on the tenure track.

Our incoming Dean, David Levi, is coming directly from the judiciary, so it may not make sense to include him in your citation survey.

Joost Pauwelyn should also be deleted from the Faculty list, since he has (sadly for us) accepted a teaching post at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and thus will not be on our faculty next year.

Neither Charles Clotfelter, nor Stanley Hauerwas, nor Tracy Lewis teaches in the law school. The other affiliated faculty teach in the law school at least occasionally (although Wes Cohen and Peter Fish did not teach in the law school this past academic year).

Finally, you misspelled Jedediah Purdy’s name.

Theresa Newman
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Posted by: Theresa Newman | Jun 6, 2007 5:03:23 PM

To add to Ken Simons comments, you've mispelled Kristin Collins.

Katharine Silbaugh
Professor of Law

Posted by: Kate Silbaugh | Jun 6, 2007 6:47:05 PM

From Brooklyn Law School, a few corrections:

Nelson Tebbe will join our faculty laterally.
Brian Comerford is retiring.
Norman Poser is retiring.
Stacy Caplow is a tenured member of the faculty and should be included, although she is also the director of clincial education.
Sara Robbins died last December in a tragic accident.

Posted by: Larry Solan | Jun 6, 2007 7:24:31 PM

Brian. Please update the Boston College Law School faculty list as follows. Add Filippa Anzalone, Kenneth Kersch, and Diana Pullin. Greg Kalscheur's name is mispelled (it should be "r" instead of "n"). Thanks. Mike Cassidy, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Posted by: R. Michael Cassidy | Jun 7, 2007 7:55:47 AM


For Wash. U., Susan Appleton's middle name is misspelled (it's Frelich), as is Carl Minzner's last name. Also, our tenured and tenure-track faculty who teach clinical courses are expected to write. So Peter Joy (who has a number of recent and forthcoming law review publications) should be added, as should Karen Tokarz.

Posted by: Sam Bagenstos | Jun 7, 2007 8:09:49 AM

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