Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Interview about Legal Philosophy

I've posted at SSRN the text of an interview with me about legal philosophy, which will appear in the volume Legal Philosophy:  5 Questions, due out later this year.  The questions that all those interviewed address are the following:

1. Why were you initially drawn to the philosophy of law?

2. For which of your contribution(s) to legal philosophy so far would you most like to be remembered, and why?

3. What are the most important issues in legal philosophy, and why are they distinctively issues of legal philosophy rather than some other discipline?

4. What is the relationship between legal philosophy and legal practice? Should legal philosophers be more concerned about the effect of their scholarship on legal practice?

5. To which problem, issue or broad area of legal philosophy would you most like to see more attention paid in the future?

I hope some readers might find this interview, as well as the volume as a whole, of interest.


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