Thursday, December 7, 2006

Feldman from NYU to Harvard

Noah Feldman, an expert in constitutional law and Islamic law at New York University, has accepted the senior offer from Harvard Law School.  NYU, it will be recalled, prevailed earlier this year in retaining constitutional law and voting rights scholar Richard Pildes in the face of a Harvard offer, but about a year before that, lost another young constitutional law scholar, Daryl Levinson, to Harvard.  Harvard has made a very strong lateral hiring push in the public law areas in the last few years; in addition to Feldman and Levinson, they have also added John Manning (administrative law) and Gerald Neuman (immigration law) from Columbia Law School; Adrian Vermeule (constitutional law, legislation) from the University of Chicago; Mark Tushnet (constitutional law and history) from Georgetown Univeristy; and Jack Goldsmith (international law, foreign affairs law) from the University of Virginia.  Harvard also still has offers outstanding to Michael Klarman (constitutional law and history) at the University of Virginia and Cass Sunstein (constitutional, administrative, and environmental law, behavioral law & economics, jurisprudence) at the University of Chicago.

UPDATE:  I missed one:  Harvard also recently hired Jody Freeman (environmental law) from UCLA.

ADDENDUM:  Just to be clear, Harvard has made other hires and has other offers outstanding--these are the hires and offers (of recent vintage) to public law scholars

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