Thursday, October 5, 2006

Fennell, McAdams from Illinois to Chicago

The University of Chicago Law School has picked off two of the stars that have been part of Dean Heidi Hurd's revolutionary transformation of the University of Illinois College of Law.  My much esteemed former Texas colleague Lee Anne Fennell (property, land use, state and local government law, welfare law) and Richard McAdams (criminal law) have both accepted senior offers from Chicago; Fennell is particularly known for her economic and behavioral law and economics approach to legal problems in diverse areas, while McAdams is especially known for his contributions to the literature on law and social norms.  (Sidenote:  they are not a couple, these were independent hires.)  Fennell is currently visiting at the University of Virginia School of Law, and visited last year at Yale and NYU; McAdams has taught previously at Chicago-Kent, BU, Yale, and Virginia.

Although a setback for Illinois--and an important set of hires for Chicago--these moves don't fundamentally alter the strong scholarly developments at Illinois during Dean Hurd's tenure.

ADDENDUM:  The first sentence, it was pointed out to me, wrongly implies that Professor McAdams was hired during Hurd's tenure as Dean, when, in fact, his appointment predates her tenure by a couple of years.

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