Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Anyone Have a Car in Chicago I Might "Rent"?

As many readers know, I'm going to be at the University of Chicago in the fall.  Driving from Austin is more hassle than it's worth, so I am wondering whether any readers in the Chicago area who might be on leave themselves in the fall, or who have an extra car, would be willing to "rent" me a vehicle for local use.  (Because I'll be commuting back and forth at various intervals between Chicago and Austin, I won't even be using a car continuously while there.)  If so, please e-mail me.  Many thanks.

UPDATE:  Someone suggested shipping the car, or getting it driven (try www.autodriveaway.com, which does both), which is what I may end up doing, though for a variety of reasons not worth boring folks with, leaving the car in Austin is preferable.


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