Wednesday, June 14, 2006

San Diego Vacation

There are many lovely things about living in Austin...but the relentless summer heat is not one of them!  In consequence, we like to flee for a bit during the summer to the place that is both easy to get to and has a perfect climate:  San Diego.  If anyone has advice about a nice hotel/resort that is children-friendly, I'd be grateful; so far, we haven't found such a place.  Please e-mail me.  Many thanks!

UPDATE:  My sincere gratitude for the helpful feedback.  The consensus winners were (in the "luxury") category the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club; Hilton La Jolla Grande Torrey Pines; Hotel Del Coronado (with some dissenters on that one); and, in the nice but not as expensive category, the Catamaran (on Mission Bay) and the Sea Lodge in La Jolla.  Other folks offered good tips on lodging North of San Diego too.  My thanks again!

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