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April 10, 2006

Stanford Law on the Move: Two New Hires, Four Offers Outstanding

Stanford Law School has hired Alan O. Sykes, Jr. (international law, international trade) from the University of Chicago Law School and, as a clinical professor, Jeffrey Fisher, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine in Seattle (who argued both Crawford and Blakely in the U.S. Supreme Court) (Fisher will co-direct Stanford's Supreme Court Clinic with Pamela Karlan, as well as start a new clinic).

In addition, Stanford Law School has senior offers outstanding to Michael Klarman (legal history, constitutional law) at the University of Virginia School of Law; David Luban (legal ethics) at Georgetown University Law Center; and a couple, Juliet Brodie (clinical) and Jane Schachter (legislation, statutory interpretation), both at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

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April 7, 2006

Corrected Version of July 2005 Scholarly Impact Study

The July 2005 study of faculty quality based on per capita scholarly impact has finally been updated, in light of corrections received from readers.   My apologies for the delay.  There are no dramatic changes.  At four schools, tenure-track faculty who should have been listed as in the top quarter were wrongly omitted.  They are Trotter Hardy and Michael Stein at William & Mary; Naomi Cahn at George Washington; Arthur Hellman and Thomas Ross at Pittsburgh; and Tamar Frankel at BU.  In addition, the top quarter at Vanderbilt was wrongly treated as including 13 faculty, instead of 11.  These errors have now been corrected, resulting in improvements in the overall ranking of Pitt and Vanderbilt.

My thanks to readers who caught these errors.

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Notre Dame's Pratt to be New South Carolina Law Dean

Walter "Jack" Pratt, a longtime member of the Notre Dame Law faculty and a legal historian, will be the new Dean of the law school at the University of South Carolina.  The South Carolina press release is here.

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International Law Expert Brooks from UVA to Georgetown

Rosa Brooks, a leading young expert in international law at the University of Virginia, has accepted the senior offer from the law school at Georgetown University, though for the next two years she will be on leave at the Open Society Institute in New York City.  Her spouse, Peter Brooks, the literary scholar, will be leaving the University of Virginia (where he taught in the English Department and the Law School) to return to Yale.

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April 6, 2006

Washington & Lee Dean Partlett to be New Emory Law Dean

David Partlett, Dean of the law school at Washington & Lee University since 2000, will become Dean of the Emory University School of Law, effective this summer.

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Lester & Talley to Boalt

Gillian Lester (employment law) at the University of California at Los Angeles and Eric Talley (corporate law, law & economics) at the University of Southern California have accepted senior offers from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, where they have been visiting this year.  Those are important lateral recruitments for Boalt, which had lost one of its top corporate law scholars, Stephen Choi, to NYU last year.  Talley's departure is a particular blow to USC, which only two years ago lost its leading constitutional law scholar, Erwin Chemerinsky, to Duke.  This is also the second mid-career faculty member that Boalt has stolen from UCLA in the last year (the other was David Sklansky [criminal law & procedure]).

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Arizona State Names College of Law After Justice O'Connor

The ASU press release is here.  As Dean Patricia White remarks:

We believe this is the first major law school in the country to be named after a living person solely on the basis of merit. We are choosing to honor Justice O’Connor, and in so doing we honor ourselves. We believe that our association with Justice O’Connor will help us gain recognition of the ASU College of Law, its accomplishments and what it stands for. We are confident that now and in the future students, faculty and others will want to share in this association.

I suspect Dean White's assessment is correct, both that this is the first naming not based on money and about the positive benefits that will accrue to ASU from this association.  I've opened comments, in the event someone knows of another law school named for a living person who had not donated substantial sums to the school.

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April 5, 2006

Immigration Law Expert Neuman from Columbia to Harvard

Gerald Neuman (immigration law, constitutional law, international human rights, comparative law) at Columbia Law School has accepted a senior offer from Harvard Law School.  In the last three years, Harvard has now hired eight faculty laterally to the tenured ranks:

Jody Freeman from the University of California, Los Angeles

Jack Goldsmith from the University of Virginia

Daryl Levinson from New York University

Bruce Mann from the University of Pennsylvania

John Manning from Columbia University

Gerald Neuman from Columbia University

Adrian Vermeule from the University of Chicago

Mark Tushnet from Georgetown University

Given that Harvard had for many years prior to that been relatively inactive in the lateral market, these systematic raids on other top law schools are having ripple effects throughout the elite legal academy.  Other laterals Harvard is still purported to be considering (some have offers in hand) include Philip Bobbitt at the University of Texas at Austin; Noah Feldman at New York University; Michael Klarman at the University of Virginia; Martha Nussbaum at the University of Chicago, Richard Pildes at New York University; Cass Sunstein at the University of Chicago; and Jeremy Waldron at New York University. 

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Former UCLA Dean Prager to be New President of Occidental College

Susan Westerberg Prager, a former Dean of and still a professor at UCLA's law school, has been appointed the new President of Occidental College.  A news item is here.

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U.S. News Rankings and Academic Reputation

Bill Henderson (Indiana-Bloomington) has interesting comments here.

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