Friday, April 7, 2006

Corrected Version of July 2005 Scholarly Impact Study

The July 2005 study of faculty quality based on per capita scholarly impact has finally been updated, in light of corrections received from readers.   My apologies for the delay.  There are no dramatic changes.  At four schools, tenure-track faculty who should have been listed as in the top quarter were wrongly omitted.  They are Trotter Hardy and Michael Stein at William & Mary; Naomi Cahn at George Washington; Arthur Hellman and Thomas Ross at Pittsburgh; and Tamar Frankel at BU.  In addition, the top quarter at Vanderbilt was wrongly treated as including 13 faculty, instead of 11.  These errors have now been corrected, resulting in improvements in the overall ranking of Pitt and Vanderbilt.

My thanks to readers who caught these errors.

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