Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Ranking Weirdness

Not sure what the students at Harvard Law School were thinking in publishing this embarrassing proof of how indoctrinated they are by US News, except (of course) when it comes to their own school (though at least they do better than US News on Northwestern and Berkeley!).  My colleague Bernie Black makes the required observations here about this peculiar display.

ADDENDUM:  Here Paul Caron, who ought to know better, says, falsely, that the home institution of a ranker always fares better in that ranker's study than in US News.  My institution, Texas, ranks 8th in faculty quality measured by reputation, 9th in faculty quality measured by impact, and 16th or 18th in student quality, depending on the measure used.  Texas ranks 15th in US News, as it has for quite some time now.  Texas thus ranks both more highly and more lowly in my ranking systems, depending on the measures used.  (This is hardly surprising since US News includes, only indirectly, faculty quality as a component in its ranking.)  Texas also ranks much more highly (most recently, 2nd) in scholarly impact as measured by ISI than in my ranking system.

UPDATE:  Happily, the HLS students have a sense of humor about all this.

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