Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More Naughty Judges in Trouble

First it was the Oklahoma judge masturbating in court, now its the Kansas judge viewing pornography from his office computer:

The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ousted a county judge for viewing Internet pornography on his office computer.

Saline County District Judge George R. Robertson, 56, had been on the bench for 10 years and on administrative leave since June, when a judicial panel recommended his removal for violating the canons of judicial conduct.

Justices noted that the canons state "public trust is essential to an effective judiciary" and that one judge's conduct may impact the public's perception of the entire judicial system.

Robertson told the commission he spent countless hours as an elder of his church and had spread himself too thin between his judicial work and his church obligations. He has since left his position at the church.

He told the panel that adult Web sites provided a diversion over nine months. A county computer technician discovered the viewing and reported it.

What is it with these judges in the heartland?


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